Frequently Asked Questions

Photo of Counseling LobbyWhat exactly is counseling or therapy?

The counseling process is based primarily in a safe, confidential, and trusting relationship.  Together we spend time looking at current issues from all angles – past, present, and future. You are the only expert on you – I will bring my education, training and experience to the process to approach whatever obstacles we find.  Counseling may be short term or long term depending on individual needs.

What should I expect? Will I be cured?  Will I be happy?

It is important to have realistic expectations about what counseling can and cannot do.  Life is always changing and new issues can pop up at any time.  Happiness is one of many emotions people experience – not a total state of being.  The goal of counseling is to develop deeper insight about what makes us tick, to learn tools and skills to manage the ups and downs, and to reconnect with strength and hope.  The process is not always comfortable, and there are no guarantees of what progress will look like.  What I can offer is to bring all my skills to your process of growth as well as an ongoing conversation about how our work is progressing.

Will I have to take medication?

Advances in medications to treat depression, anxiety and other issues can be important and vital in some cases.  As a counselor, I cannot prescribe medications. If warranted, I can provide referrals to psychiatrists. Medications sometimes provide symptom relief which facilitates the ability to engage in the counseling process, but they often are not enough on their own.  Again, you are the only expert on you.  If indicated, together weighing the pros and cons, you can make the best decision for yourself.

How much will this cost?

I offer a free 30 minute phone consultation to determine if this is the right treatment option for you.  My rate is $150 for a 50-60 minute in-person session with an initial 90 minute session at $200.  Group counseling sessions last 90 minutes and have a fee of $50.

Do you take my insurance?

I do not accept insurance, but I am happy to provide documentation that you may submit to your insurance company for any out-of-network benefits you may have.  It is important that you take time to review any insurance you have to determine what services may be covered.