For New Clients

For New Clients

Welcome!  Congratulations on taking the positive and strong step of seeking partnership in addressing your current challenges.

I run a paperless practice. So when a new client relationship is established, I create a link to a client portal where all necessary documentation can be completed. This same portal is used to schedule or reschedule appointments as necessary – eliminating any phone tag to get an appointment.

The first appointment lasts 90 minutes in order to gather in depth background information and an overall picture of the issues that are most pressing.  Subsequent sessions last 50 to 60 minutes and usually occur weekly – sometimes more and sometimes less depending on the situation.Photo of Counseling Lobby

Confidentiality is at the core of a trusting counseling relationship.  It is also an ethical standard for the profession.  Any discussion during sessions remains strictly confidential; however the following legally required exceptions exist:

  • In cases of suspected child or elder abuse, I am legally required to make a report to the appropriate authorities.
  • In cases of imminent physical danger to others, I am legally required to make a report to both the authorities and any intended target.
  • In cases of imminent threat to self, I will encourage a client to seek an immediate higher level of care.  I am legally required to independently take actions to secure the physical safety of my clients if necessary.

If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, I ask for 24 hour notice. Without the proper notice, you will be responsible for payment of the missed session.  Exceptions are certainly made for unexpected emergencies.